vendredi 12 février 2016

13. März, 18h, L'Esprit Frappeur, Lutry
29.-30. April, 20h30, Tojo Theater, Bern

Wir freuen uns auf euch :) ça nous ferait plaisir de vous y voir! GRRRAOUS!

dimanche 12 juillet 2015

Le manifeste des manifestes

This is the manifesto we (Alan Twitchell & Collectif Inouite) wrote together with the people of Bblacboxx in Basel.

Le manifeste des manifestes

We have had Mickael Jackson
he says they don't really care about us
of course this is true as long as it is necessary to say things like
black lives matter

And we have had Lana Del Rey
she says she feels like she is fucking crazy

And we have had Pina Bausch who says :
just because i speak slowly does no mean everything i say is important

And we have had Tiken Jah Fakoly who said many things
and one of the things he said is :
open the borders

Let us try for once not to be right
There is no ultimate truth

After all everyone dances to his own personal boomboom

Yes to more music
Yes to more football on the street
Yes to more sugar for Bblackboxx

Let us try for once not to be right
There is no ultimate truth

There are ultimate truths
assholes exist
ignorant assholes exist too

No to regulation
Let us out of the camp
Let us help, keep us busy
Get to know us

If you walk from Erytrea, Macedonia, Marocco, Afganistan, Nigeria, Syria, or wherever
you have many reasons to build a new home and to have a better future
Give us the chance to stay, so we can fullfil our dreams

A life without a friend and family is like a night without a moon

No to the heroic
No to the anti-heroic

There's a proverb in Algeria saying :
the only thing that stays from the river are the stones

Change will come
don't be afraid of your insignifiance
Maybe it will be a hero, or a singer, or a movie star
but the people who make Bblackboxx also make a change and a difference

You need more naive curiosity
naivity creates intensity
Life is not about exercising
Exercising is superficial
No to identification

Get us involved
Let us do something relevant

Be bold
Be passionate
Be adventurous

We are heroes
But we are heroes of a new kind of heroism

Yes to expression
Yes to invention

There is a ghost in Europe

Some people give poetic and philosophical statements and the proof is your body
Don't force
Courage and disobediance are the center of our poetry

There is a ghost in Europe

A reality without complex, without paranoia, without prostitution, without prison

No to structural violence
No to vegetarianism
No to carnivorism
No to canibalism

Intelligence is an organisation just like any other
Respect all individuals in their folly of the moment
whether it be serious, fearful, timid, ardent, vigorous, determined, enthusiastic

Let us create more confidence

We used to live in a logic of dominance but it just wasn't enough

There is a ghost in Europe

After all everyone dances to his own personal boomboom

mercredi 8 juillet 2015

le manifeste des manifestes

Finally, after many many lovely séances performatives as Madame Irma 
and their theatrical reflection on metamorphism and imprisonment 
L`Herbe est toujours plus verte, Collectif Inouite and Alan Twitchell 
are going to perform something in Basel again. In the context of a little 
festival on Erich Mühsam held at Blackboxx we most delightedly announce... 

Le Manifeste des Manifestes!

On July 11 we will host a workshop on manifestos - like: the futurist one 
and the one on the futurist kitchen, surrealism of course but also the 
no manifesto and the yes manifesto, the manifesto of anthropophagia, 
contrasexuality and of course the manifesto of the coming resurrection, 
to honestly name but a few. Eventually, we will try to write our own.

On July 12 we will deliver a little performance based on the learnings 
from the manifesto workshop and will try to implement the theories of 
revolution in practical life. You might yawn, well, sure, let them fail. 
Revolutions always fail. But we at Collectif Inouite have no eye for the 
weary I of the cynic. So get out of your pool, leave the chilled 
Margarita and see us at Blackboxx.

Bruce, Max & Alan

ps.: further information on

vendredi 15 mai 2015

Le rituel

La nouvelle performance du collectif Inouite "le rituel" sera montrée pour vous cher public, chères âmes en perdition, chers animaux totems, le 19 mai à 19h à la Ferme de la Chapelle, Lancy (, et le 1er juin à 18h , à Urgent paradise (!

Venez on prendra grand soin de vous!

vendredi 17 avril 2015

le rituel , dates

we are very happy to present our new performance "le rituel"

19th may, 19h, in la Ferme de la chapelle, Lancy, Geneva,
1st june, 19th, in Urgent paradise, Lausanne,


Le rituel

Chers Programmateurs, chers spectateurs, chères âmes en 

Grâce à la nouvelle performance du Collectif Inouite intitulée « le rituel », l’occasion sera donnée à tout un chacun de tenter de sauver son âme lors d’une cérémonie majestueuse, encensée et lumineuse.

Lors d’un stage d’initiation dans l’Emmental Bernois, Max le rat et Bruce l’ours se sont découverts respectivement une vocation de guérisseur et de grand gourou.

A travers leur performance, ils permettront aux spectateurs de découvrir leur animal totem, et peut-être de l’incarner dans leur quotidien.

« Pour créer un rite de rencontre avec votre animal-totem, il n’est pas nécessaire de réaliser un sacrifice. Copier des rites anciens qui n’ont plus de sens de nos jours est inefficace. On peut certes se servir de toutes les traditions, mais il s’agit toujours de leur donner une forme individuelle, constructive et créatrice. » 
tiré de « die Botschaft der Krafttiere »

Dans ce rituel contemporain, Max et Bruce s’inspireront de différentes croyances, mythologies et religions et en feront un nouveau tout.

Le but de cette performance est évidemment de créer une nouvelle religion suprême qui dominera toutes les autres et permettra aux animaux d’enfin pouvoir croire en des dieux qui leur ressemblent.

C’est une affaire en or qui se présente à vous chers programmateurs, chers spetcateurs et chères âmes en perdition : en programmant le rituel de Max et Bruce, vous pourrez vous assurer une place dans le paradis contemporain et, si vous nous donnez un pot de miel et un salametti avant la performance, peut-être même vous réincarner en rat ou en ours.

Que votre âme aille en paix !

Max & Bruce, Gourous du rituel.